Energy Experiment

May 31, 2013

I have conducted an interesting experiment over the last couple weeks and would love to share the results with you.  I think they are very important in our lives.

I have learned a lot about energy and emotions and how emotions can negatively influence our lives via our health and what we attract into our lives.  We are energetic beings.  We vibrate at a frequency, and everyone is at a different frequency.  Those people whose frequency goes down by whatever means, their bodies will suffer, and disease, cancer, and emotional issues will follow.

Now what can make our frequency go down or up?  Toxins in our environment, the poor diet many of us have, stress, and believe it or not, the thoughts we think, the thoughts that others project toward us, the emotions we experience, the things we expose ourselves to including movies, music and images.

If an energetic body becomes too depleted, the body will most likely die or become very sick.

I use muscle testing (energy testing) extensively in my healing practice, and the way it works is if something is true for you, your energetic field will be strong or in alignment with that, and so the muscle test will be strong, or in the standing method, you will sway forward.  If it is not in alignment or untrue, the energetic field will go weak, and the muscle test will be weak or in the standing method you will sway backward.

I have seen Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work that by taping words on to vials of water and leaving them overnight, flash freezing the water to create ice crystals, and photographing the crystals, the ones with positive words were beautiful crystals, and the ones with negatives words were broken up and ugly basically
Words “love                  words “You               music of                  song playing
and gratitude”              disgust me”               Mozart                    heavy metal

So I decided to do an experiment by doing pushups and taping words over my heart to see if it made a difference in how many I could actually do.  So here are the results of my experiment.

The first day, I did a baseline to see how many I could do.  Now, these are girl pushups.  After doing all this, I can do like two regular ones.  Sad I know.  Okay.  So baseline was 20 pushups.

The next day I taped the words “love and gratitude” over my heart.  I did 30 that day.

The next day I asked my daughter to send thoughts my way while I doing pushups.  I had her send “I hate you,” to me.  I was only barely able to squeak out 11.  I came back five minutes later and asked her to now send “I love you” to me.  After barely doing 11 five minutes before, I was able to crank out 23 more.  Impressive.

I wondered if because I told her what to direct and I knew what it was if that could influence it, so the next day, I told her to send one or the other, her choice, without telling me.  So not knowing which one, I pushed hard, and got in 14, but it was tough.  She said she was sending I hate you.

So the next day I taped “You are worthless” to my shirt, and I was able to do 14.

Next day, I taped “Osama bin Laden” and “Hitler” to my shirt.  I was able to do 15.

Next day, I taped “Jesus Christ” to my shirt, and I got in 28.

Then I wondered about pictures because of something I heard in a training about muscle testing and a picture that was on someone’s shirt.  I had on a shirt that had whales on it, which I love.  I got in 30 focusing my attention on that.

You’ve heard about violence in movies and video games, so I thought I’d check out a violent movie and a happy  movie and see what I got.  First I did a Halloween movie.  I got 14.

The next day I turned it to the part of “E.T.” where Elliott and ET go flying on his bike.   I focused on that, and was able to get in a whopping 34.

I wanted to do another blind one.  So I wrote “I hate you. You are worthless.” on one Post-it and “love and gratitude” on another Post-it.  I then turned them over and mixed them up until I had no idea which was which, picked one, stuck it on my shirt over my heart and got down and did my pushups.  I got 14 in barely.  I looked at which one I had chosen, and guess which one?  If you guessed the first one, “I hate you.  You are worthless,” you are right.

I then did another day where I was neutral, nothing added, like at the start when I did 20.  I did 23.

So what does this tell us?  This is what I concluded from this.  Thoughts and words matter.  They all have their own energy.  Positive thoughts raise us up and negative thoughts bring us down.  Be careful what you send out to other people as well as yourself and what you allow other people to send to you. The kind of movies and images you expose  yourself to will raise or lower your vibration/frequency.
Maybe this shows why in sports teams, the home team often has such an advantage and say they feed off the energy of the crowd. So if you want your team to win, send them love and gratitude, and if they start doing poorly, keep sending them love and gratitude instead of switching the thoughts you’re sending out to “You suck” or similar things, and maybe you can give them a boost when they need it instead of pulling them further down.  Look at the power that one person’s thoughts had on the amount of pushups I was able to do.  Imagine if it’s thousands.

Also if you want a boost in your performance, write in permanent marker on your uniform words like “love and gratitude.” Great idea to also write it on your water bottle. 

Next time, I’m going to talk about an energy healing technique called Emotion Code that enables me to go in and clear out little balls of energy of emotions that get lodged in the body and create dis-ease which is right in line with lower emotions which vibrate at a lower frequency broadcasting that frequency into the tissues of the area where it is lodged and disrupting the energy flow and vibration of the body.