In Person or Distanced

They work the same

All sessions can be done in person or by phone, Skype, or e-mail. The one exception to this is The Reconnection. This must be done in person.


Theta Healing  and combination sessions last one hour.  The number of sessions depends on how many and how deep of things to be worked on.  Many issues can be resolved in one to three sessions.

Emotion/Body Code sessions last for up to 30 minutes unless done in combination with Theta for one hour.  I recommend the one-hour combination.

The Reconnection consists of two sessions, generally 45 minutes to one hour in length, and ideally done on consecutive or alternate days.  The Reconnection is done once in your life only.

Reconnective Healing sessions last generally 30 minutes.  The healings occur outside of the constraints of time and space, so more time is not better.  One to three sessions are normally suggested.  The most powerful healing often happens on the third healing, so if it is possible, three is optimal.  It is optimal to have the three sessions as close to consecutively as possible, but up to a week in between sessions is okay.  If you have seen good results from your three but your issue isn’t quite resolved, it’s suggested to do one more about a month later.


It’s good to be well hydrated.  Please try not to wear fragrances/colognes. Good to have an idea of what you want to work on.  Can be physical or emotional. Dress comfortably for the Reconnective Healing and try not to wear bulky clothing if having The Reconnection. 


ThetaHealing and Body Code/Emotion Code session: We are seated.  I use muscle testing to “talk” to your body and subconscious to find the imbalances.  I then either run a magnet down your spine or use a theta brainwave to make changes to your subconscious via the Theta technique and clear the imbalances.

For Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, you will lie on a massage table face up.  You will close you eyes.  I then will connect you to the energy without physically touching you.  I will “feel” the energy and move around focusing on different areas of the body.  The Reconnection is the same connection, but I draw different patterns on your body, again without actually touching you. 

State of mind

Reconnective Healing: Simply close your eyes and let go.  Become the observer and the observed.  The witness.  Notice.  Notice when you notice something.  Notice when you notice nothing.  Allow yourself to experience the wonder of expectancy without the attachment of specific and detailed expectation.  Trust that the healing that’s most appropriate for you is the one that you will receive.