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I have had a deep self love and acceptance ever since. I felt as if I had lost 20 lbs when I left. My heart was joyful and I saw so much, so clearly, like never before. I understood that I didn't need to be hard on myself. For anything. Was like a light bulb inside me got turned on. Anyway, just wanted to share that. Thank you so much all the positive changes in that first session

T. Maxwell, Boise, ID - 1 session

Lisa's intuitive insights were right on. While much of what came up was  not unexpected, without Lisa's help, I don't know that I could have cleared the gunk that was blocking me so quickly. Lisa is very easy to work with and you'll see immediate results. It's amazing what our bodies hold into that no longer serves, and Lisa is able to pinpoint the issues so you can clear them and move on with your life.
Hope all is well!

Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D.
EmBody Heart and Mind


Dear Lisa,
Perhaps the Theta healing / muscle testing session yesterday has helped me already on "my inability to focus" that I was wanting worked on, along with everything else you did, because here I am finally after 8 months I'm able to focus enough to write a testimonial on the Reconnection I received from you.
So, yes, I feel the need to let you & others know what an amazing journey it's been since my Reconnection...and my gratitude for Lisa and her amazing Loving work.
I'm not much of a writer but bear with me.
I was watching a YouTube video where a woman was highly recommending that her viewers read this book The Reconnection, and she was saying that, where she got to the part of the book where it spoke about feeling the energy from this book, is when she felt it.
I immediately had an interest, it called for me so to speak, I was drawn to it...so I immediately went online to amazon.com to purchase the book and it was amazingly cheap, so I definitely bought it....it was a book that was hard to put down, but I have to tell you when I did and I fell asleep with it on my lap, I was awoken by a light vibration...this book literally was going off on my lap!...  what I thought was my phone, yet I knew I did not have my phone on vibrate and never do! It was definitely this freaking book! ...and I have to say, I truly did not expect it to really happen to me, sohonestly, I wasn't really even thinking about it and hadn't even come to that point in the book yet...
So, at the time I knew my psychic friend wanted to learn healing so I immediately called her and told her what was going on...she also was intrigued and immediately went and purchased the book.
I couldn't wait to go to the Reconnection.com site and there is where I found Lisa, she was kind enough to give me my free 15 minutes and then some ...and work with me in her facilitating a Reconnection healing and The Reconnection ( I loved and appreciated that she worked with me on this at the time because it was hard to afford at the time...but let me tell you now,without a doubt, it was worth every single penny and then some!
Anyway on with my story...
The morning after my Reconnection was finished I awoke with the most amazing energy coursing & whirling throughout my whole body along with this tremendous vibration that I felt scanning up and down my entire body...it still like something you would see in a scifi movie...my first thoughts were, Whoa! ...is this one of those alien abduction things I've watched on youtube & read about!? lol and then I thought, no, don't think that, you know what this is & you don't want to scare them off, if they think you are afraid of them they will stop...and it was a very very wonderful feeling something I did not want to stop...and  at this point I'm not even sure who "them" is...however, as I had that thought, I am then told telepathically to lay flat and mind you, I've never been told anything telepathically in my life, that I'm aware of, so this too was even new to me...I knew it was told to me telepathically...so, as I lay flat the whirlwind of amazing energy continues to course through my whole body and the vibrational scanning going from head to toe continues for just a few more moments and then this big huge, huge tug/pull on my heart chakra... and it was over...I rolled over for just a moment and then I thought WOW! was that a dream?!...but I knew it was NOT!
 I jumped out of bed I was so excited... to email my psychic friend so she could tune in and see what it was because it was a little too early in the morning to call but then I thought, she is probably up, she's my age and probably has crazy sleeping patterns as I do, so I called her. She tuned in and was getting nothing, so I asked her if she did get anything to please call me...and then went on about my morning... and as I was getting out of the shower I heard her my phone...she had tried to call me like 3 times to tell me she read my email and as she closed it two spirits came in... one being a tall male with brown curly hair and a female that was short, round with long dark hair and big glasses...and I'm like oh my god, that is the same woman/Spirit that the Reiki Master ask if I knew that had stepped in to help during my Reiki session...and I'm like, so who is this? ...but she wasn't getting who it was...yet...until months later at this one particular Spirit Bridges meet up group meeting that she appropriately called "getting to know your Spirit guides"...where she goes around the room to each person tuning into them...first she starts out saying to me, such and such Angel or Saint is with me while I'm facilitating my healings... and another thing that touched my heart, that my sister in Spirit is receiving healing too as I facilitate my healings and I said, I can understand that because I'm trying to heal her daughters .....then she goes on ...oh my gosh Tammy we know your spirit guides! And immediately I said, I thought so!
It was the two that were beside me that I obviosly "felt" were there during my Reconnection upgrade??? ...the vibrating/scanning of my body, the energy coursing through me, Lisa and I imagine to be some sort of an upgrade/ tuning perhaps connecting me to the universe for the enabling of my ability to heal others as well and or simply raising my vibration...who knows? Who cares? It was awesome! ...it was awakening...and I know it was good.
Anyway, I definitely want to say I highly recommend using Lisa and her abilty for any Spirit work and or ANY complications you may have in life, be them physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological...she gets the crap out of the way and truly helps connect you to your inate Being/self.
Thank you Lisa for your part in my spiritual growth so far and I know I'll turn to you for whatever else I feel I may need in your realm of work at any given time when I feel it necessary...if I even feel I do from here on out ;) I will definitely be recommending and bringing those I care about to you for healing.
...and if nothing else... thank you for starting me on my truer purpose here.
Namaste my friend Namaste ;)


Thank you, Lisa! I had lived with hopelessness for many years after an event that happened when I was 15 years old (over 45 years ago). Since a month ago when you found and cleared that blocked emotion in my forehead that went back 84 generations(!), I have found the issue to be dramatically reduced, even after we put to sleep our 17-year-old cat who had cancer just a few days after The Emotion Code clearing. This is a great technique!

One of the main reasons I started ThetaHealing, Emotion Code/Body Code, Reconnective and Heart Wall sessions with Lisa was because the left side of my neck/shoulder had become extremely tense and painful over a period of at least two years before I retired. The pain gradually reduced with regular sessions (usually weekly) over the next several months, and now I rarely have any pain in that area.

It seems that the majority of my issues (and those of my cats) were caused by trapped emotions that started from before I was born up to age 5 and beyond, as well some issues from past lives. I had cleared myself of dozens of allergies and traumas (and my cats) using ThetaHealing techniques before I started Skype sessions with Lisa, so I had fewer things that needed to be cleared than I would have, but they still seemed endless for months. The Emotion/Body Code techniques were very helpful in removing pains I had in specific parts of my body, as well as emotional issues related to them. It was interesting to note how issues seemed to come up in "layers" to be cleared. My body would only be available to clear a certain number of issues at a time, then others would rise up to be cleared for the next session. Some issues I had carried since childhood and had worked on with other techniques were released at deeper levels through these sessions.

Lisa also helped with numerous issues related to our cats (physical, social and emotional) and clearings/healings I needed in many different areas (physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual) that had built up over lifetimes. She is knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate, a great combination to help with whatever one might need to have cleared/healed.     

S. H., Ventura, CA


I had a session with Lisa in early Dec. 2012 before heading off to a 2 week family holiday reunion.  I wanted Lisa to help me with my sugar addiction, and during the course of the session a lot of stuff came up about my family, specifically my relationships with my sisters and empowerment.  During the time I was back “home” although I was still enjoying all the holiday treats, I noticed I was not reacting to familiar struggles and conflicts that I had always reacted to in the past with my family.  It was a long visit, but I felt strong, confident and detached from needing to be right or any of the past family dramas that I would have been immersed in before.  I was able to stay within my power, not reverting back to the emotional teenager age that I seemed to be pulled back to every time I visited my family in the past.  Halleluiah!!!!  Something big shifted and I am grateful for your helping me to heal Lisa!!!

Carol K. California


Dear Lisa,

I have not forgotten about your testimonial. But I had had no noticeable difference in my ears until recently. Initially after the session the itching became severe. The external ear became so inflamed people were even commenting on them. All of a sudden and rather dramatically the itching stopped. Now they appear to be completely normal, no itching. After 30+ years of itching, they appear to be totally normal. Never have I gone for even a day with scratching them until now. I am so thrilled.

I would recommend Lisa and Theta healing to anyone. Thanks so very much.

Jo Lynn Hawthorne, MD - 1 session


Dear Lisa, 
I am writing this note to express my thanks to you for your helping me with a couple of life-long problems/issues that I have just not been able to clear out by myself despite being a trained Theta practitioner in my own right. You, of course, have much more training and experience than I and this was very evident from the outset. I have often heard that it is difficult for a healer to heal one's self and I now firmly believe that to be true! In our two sessions you quickly isolated causative issues that I had avoided to clear out and did so with evident skill and finesse. After our time together I emerged feeling like a truly new being - I no longer feel like the "me" that I have felt for over fifty years. I cannot overstate how wondrous this is to me! I now have a much lighter feeling in my heart and where I before was truly "living a life of quiet desperation" I now feel that I am finally free of the emotional pain and negative feelings that addictive behavior causes. The experience of our two sessions were amazing! Thank you very much for your compassion and concern while working with me to improve my life.
While not specifically addressed in our session work a very exciting development occurred - my tinnitus condition that I have been living with for at least seven years became much less intense - reduced by at least 80%!
This was a completely unexpected but very welcome development!
Sincerely, SR, Texas - 2 sessions

It is my pleasure to be able to give this testimonial.  

My theta healing sessions with Lisa was nothing short of profound! My body reacted quite dramatically to those statements that, in hindsight, were consciously important to me! As Lisa healed those issues, I noticed an immediate calming in my bodily reactions! There is no way these reactions swings were just ‘mind over matter’! 

Focusing on Abundance and Manifesting, the session results in the following days were:

-       Immediately after the first session, I received an email that fairly resolved an important matter that I had been unsuccessfully debating with somebody for weeks!

-       I constantly felt the heavy mental load of ‘struggle’ had been lifted, so that I was much happier. There was a continued greater ‘Success WILL occur for me’ feeling.

-       I was quickly able to find on the Internet free (chargeable otherwise) downloads of desired personal transformation resources.

-       I completely unexpectedly made an online sale, receiving the entire proceeds, with the absolute minimum of required effort on my part.

-       $400 of parking fines were unexpectedly cancelled (again, to that point, I had been unsuccessfully debating their merit with the Issuer for weeks!)

-       An experienced Marketing Coach proactively contacted and directed me to valuable resources that will finally – after 3 years of very frustrating trial and error! - get me on the path to generating an online living income. I implemented those resources and started receiving Prospect leads, again, with little effort on my part!!

-       An Inner Peace – being my personal passion, completely unbeknown to him - Expert proactively directed and joined me to his global mission. I am very excited with the potential for us to collaborate for our common good to spread the peace word.

-       I experienced a much deeper connection in the discussions with some fascinating people (again, rather than me seeking them out, they proactively came into my life).


While money didn’t effortlessly and magically flood into my life from the minute our sessions ended, lol, I have noticed that my personal vibration has significantly increased and been sustained at that higher level. Ultimately, for abundance to occur, such heightened natural vibration is required. This new vibration level was given the ultimate test just 2 weeks after our sessions. After 30 very frustrating months of an extremely bitter divorce, I had my fourth Court hearing. With the previous three hearings, my ex-wife would very easily enrage me with her unnecessarily nasty comments and I would be in a foul mood for about 3 days afterwards!! With this fourth hearing, without any conscious effort on my part, I remained fairly calm throughout the hearing - despite my ex-wife going to a new depth of nastiness! Also, I bounced back to happiness within two hours of the hearing having ended!! The only explanation difference between this experience and the previous three Court hearing experiences was having had the theta healing sessions with Lisa. Having access to such calmness in the face of the most extreme hostility is a completely unexpected huge priceless bonus for me from Lisa’s efforts.        

 Lisa is a true professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for an Energy Healer that you can Totally rely on and trust.

Andrew Flanagan  New Zealand - 2 sessions


"Thank you so much Lisa for all the hard work that you have done for me. You were very thorough in your questioning and were able to uncover and clear many traumas that I had. I could feel a lot of release of energy throughout our sessions and afterwards had a wonderful feeling of relief and happiness. After our last session I was really motivated to get my work done! I highly recommend anyone to choose you as their Theta Healer!"

Anitta Carr, Toronto, ON, Canada - 2 sessions

Dear Lisa,

I have taken a week to process our session from last Thursday as the changes that took place were, on the one hand, very large, and the other, very subtle. We were working on wealth and abundance - and, while I didn't know what to expect, what actually happened was something very unusual. I guess I thought I would have some change in my business but what happened was a huge change in my mind and attitude. it was as if a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders.- like a weight that I had been carrying around for a long time was just gone. I felt as if I had been reborn and life was interesting, exciting, new and fresh so that I approached my life and my business with a complete change of mind. The worry and sense of imminent failure was gone and I had the feeling that I could turn my life around. Also, the energy seemed to be reversed, so that, instead of contracting in fear, I felt I was expanding and flowing outward. How can I thank you? This was huge and I am very grateful.

S., Michigan - 1 session

Thank you Lisa... I will be forever grateful for the profound and transforming session I had with you. You were so quick in identifying my old limiting beliefs that I wasn't even aware I had. I know these suppressed negative beliefs have directly impacted my ongoing challenges with finances and relationships in my life. I felt an immediate transformation after our session. I have worked with other professionals in the past, but none of them ever focused on identifying my needs with such a professional and caring approach as you did. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

GPM - Los Angeles, CA - 1 session

I had a healing session with Lisa recently. I had certain goals in mind but the things that came up during the session were quite surprising and unexpected to say the least. However, now that I look back, these have been major well hidden issues most of my adult life and had to do with my self image.

The healing sessions were amazing. The results are profound. Shortly after my healing with Lisa, I met a wonderful man and after 5 years of no relationship or bad encounters, I am now able to be myself and that has resulted in a wonderful partnership. I have noticed that I am also much freer with myself, less self critical. I had a very poor body image even though I am very skinny. I surprised myself a few days ago when I went to the pool and even though I wasn't feeling that "skinny" that day, put on a bikini and just enjoyed myself. Previously, I would have been in a cover up and refused to even dip in the pool.

I am Woman, and happy to be it!!

M.S. - 2 sessions

My session with Lisa was very powerful and moved me into more healing with my sciatica which continues to improve. She also did a clearing of other energies that had kept me suppressed and I felt a wonderful, delightful freedom inside that has translated into a new outburst of the me that is much more real. This too is continuing to increase and find release in more areas of my life.

Thank you Lisa very much,
Sharon W. - Connecticut - 1 session

“ I want to thank you again. I am amazed at the wonderful changes that occurred during and especially after our sessions. Some things I wasn’t necessary looking for or expecting but deeply welcomed. One thing in particular had been a part of me for decades and I didn’t have any hope of it ever changing only for it to change overnight! Talk about pain free, WOW!! You are terrific and Theta healing is truly a miracle. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again. Thank you so, much!”

Warmest thoughts,
Arlene Spradlin
California - 2 sessions

To anyone who is interested in a Highly Effective healing treatment, I can recommend Lisa

Theta Healing. I have had 2 phone sessions with her, about 10 days apart. At the first session I felt the “connection” instantly, and when certain programs were released I could immediately feel a change, and these changes were felt in different areas of my body. The next day after the first session, I felt lighter, more hopeful than I had felt in many, many years. My head was clear and much 'confusion' I had always experienced was fading fast . . .as I felt and became mentally and emotionally, more clear day by day.

The second session was equally incredible – we worked on an issue I had carried all my life and despite using many, many modalities, it would not budge. As she continued with me I felt old emotions that I thought I had released come up and different parts of my body vibrated. I once again, I instantly felt lighter, and for the first time in many a year felt hopeful for and about myself and my life. This led to the forgiveness of my parents and decades old issues that were never addressed by or with them, much less healed.

I am extremely thankful and grateful for Lisa and her abilities with Theta healing. Each day continues to get better and brighter as my life continues to improve!


GiGi, Northern California - 2 sessions

I had a back problem that I originally came to Lisa with. Our session was via Skype and Lisa got to work immediately, getting me to open up about several different areas of my life before working her way to the actual physical problem.

Our session was amazing. The pain in my back started to lessen almost immediately after we began and, after an hour with Lisa, was gone completely. I can honestly say that, apart from a few twinges, the problem has not returned in anywhere near the same intensity.

I will definitely be going to Lisa again

Once again many many thanks

Beverley Watts
- UK - 1 session

I experienced such a profound shift from my session with Lisa, it is difficult to put it into words that really express the feelings. First I want to say that Lisa is very intuitive and you can feel her compassion. I have worked with a lot of healers over the years with other forms of healing and I found both Lisa and Theta Healing to be very effective. She is obviously gifted in what she does. We worked on many blocks from my dear animal companion losses to relationships, to losses of loved ones and the emotions that arise from all of those. The trauma of guilt, sadness, deeply entrained grief, abandonment, various fears, belonging, being wanted and mattering, self love, and so much more.

The cutting of the cords to specific family and friends tied to negative events, as well as a general cord cutting, were what I feel solidified the lasting effect and really what I find to be the most significant shift for me related to people. I highly recommend this process after the healing of the wounds or beliefs, because it really has kept the link from being re-established so to speak, or perhaps literally on an etheric level. I've had this done before, but Lisa's work has stuck and it felt from that time on that I was free of the emotional pull that thinking of one of the persons or the events tied to them would previously bring up. Often just thinking of the event or person related to a trauma, or recurring negative experience, would have previously held an emotional charge and could drain my energy or bring up emotions that could shift my emotions to a lower state. I'd unintentionally get caught in a stream of thought that would have me relive the experience in my mind, sometimes trying to find ways to resolve it or get caught up wishing I'd done things differently, or I'd simply feel the pain of the betrayal, hurt, etc. Although the reliving would last only moments or a few minutes, the heaviness and the negative impact would last and happen over and over. Even as hard as I tried, it's as if I would be carried along on a ride I could not get off of---often happening either as I tried to go to sleep or I'd wake up thinking first thing about a particular issue and the emotions flooding in. Certainly was not a pleasant way to wake up at all when it would happen. Since my session with Lisa, I've intentionally brought up memories, looked at photos and thought about people and events that would have triggered me. To my delight it's as if they never happened, or as if the some of the memories belong to someone else or some movie I saw. This is not to say at all on the loss of dear loved ones and animal companions that it feels like they didn't exist or the death didn't occur--instead with those memories I can now feel the sweetness and the love without the grief that accompanied it.

With the traumas and other events, it's like she cleared away all of the unfinished business that could not otherwise be resolved with all the work that I've intensely done. Like the chalkboard of my soul's burden in those areas was erased and clean. I feel this expansive empty space that is now free to fill with love, joy and create other higher level experiences now. It is nothing short of miraculous to me and a huge emotional burden has been cleared. I'm a very sensitive and introspective person, so I've done a ton of work for most of my life, and used many methods to clear the clutter of emotionally limiting baggage. Sure, the work I have done has helped for some things and been a good thing in my own self-realization of the source of many issues, but until Lisa, I could not break free of the deepest and most painful parts of a number of intensely emotional experiences and feelings. A great example is that my passion and deepest love is tied to my animal companions. I had a traumatic loss of two of my dearest animal soulmates and the guilt that I could not save them, and incredible grief would rise up and haunt me despite my best efforts to consciously grieve and even "coming to terms" with the losses. Merlin transitioned in 2008, and his sister Morgan in 2011. They were like my children for those of you who have that kind of connection with your animal companions. Even though I am fully aware of their current spiritual presence with me now, and I feel their joy and love flowing through the veil to me, I was not able to fully clear the burden of guilt and grief that would arise. I could not look at Merlin's photos without feeling this visceral ache of grief in my heart that is beyond words how deep it ran. Losing him was as someone ripped out my heart and took an integral piece of my soul. I cried everyday for a year. After that, I was able to come more to terms when Merlin came into my awareness spiritually, but I was significantly burdened by his loss. Since Lisa cleared this grief and guilt from my subconscious that had been embedded and stuck, I can now joyfully think about and look at Merlin and Morgan's photos without the crushing feelings overwhelming me. Instead I can feel the joy and love, even with missing being able to touch them physically, the heaviness of their loss has been released and missing them is more connected to the love I have for them. I was able to finally set up a memorial altar where I can look over and be filled with a feeling of love and connection, and gratitude for them. This was the deepest of wounds imaginable in all of my life experience--and I've experienced many traumas and losses--and Lisa completely shifted and healed this.

This emotional release is also true of several challenging relationship events of family and friends that have haunted me for years. Haunt is the best way to describe the way those feelings from the events, the hurt, the emotional trauma, etc., which would seep into my mind and heart, and like an albatross these have held me back and drained my energy even on a subliminal level. Now I can think of the events and the people, and I feel free and clear of the trauma. I found a surge in my ability to maintain a level of joy and contentment that I've been striving to have as a more constant in my life, rather than a blip that elusively comes and goes so easily. I just keep seeing this chalkboard that has been wiped clean. I feel like I've been given a fresh clean start to create what I really want from here. This is more valuable and life changing that I can possibly express in words, or the gratitude that I feel for finding Lisa. It was definitely divine timing and meant to be, and I so very highly recommend that anyone looking to be free of old wounds, limiting beliefs, traumas, or any change they are seeking in their life, contact Lisa without hesitation. My experience with her has set the tone for continued healing and greater happiness in my life. I feel free! Thank you Lisa from the bottom of my heart and happy soul! Many Blessings.

Cara F. ~ Seattle, WA. - 1 session

Hi Lisa,

OMG, the distance reconnective healing session that you did for me yesterday was such an amazing experience. At the beginning of the session when I was rested, I felt a tingling sensation begin in my hands and feet that moved into my body. Then I felt it moving back and forth from one side to the next and I just relaxed to see what I could feel as I followed it around. It began to swirl and I felt that it was doing a kind of 'scan' of my body and I would feel a quick pinch in certain areas like on my side, my left thumb and big toe! (I almost said ouch!) It then moved to engulf my whole body and started to move in a circular motion really fast. I felt like I was on a ride at the fun fair where I was standing and I could feel a spinning motion. I heard a sound that was like a buzz, a machine humming at a high vibration. The energy felt like it was a really high vibration. I noticed my breath was shallow and I had thoughts of being on a roller coaster. It seemed to go on for about 10 minutes. I smelt some kind of sulfur or smoke and had a pasty taste in my mouth. Then over a matter of seconds it slowed down and left up into the air. It felt like that was the end of the session. As I was waiting for your call back, I realized that my computer had gone to sleep so you weren't able to Skype me. With it turned back on and when you called saying that the session ended 10 mins ago, I looked at my clock and that was precisely when I felt the session end. That is so cool and really proves to me that that is your work.

Today I feel blessed, I even had a thought of being on top of the world and have had wonderful thoughts come up during the day. I'm not dwelling on my debt (I don't even want to write that word) so am going back to my happy thoughts.

Thank you so much! Awesome experience!

Anitta Carr from Toronto, Canada

Really, thanks, it was amazing!!