Everything is energy


It’s time to let go of what is weighing you down

One of the most common things people tell me after a session is they feel lighter.

Introductory Theta Healing, Body Code, or Emotion Code Session – 15 mins 
Cost:  Free  (limited to one per person and must be by phone or Skype. 
May not be combined with any other discount, this session or another, except a three-session package.)

Reconnective Healing Session – 45 mins.  
Cost: $60.00

Theta Healing Session – 1 hour
Cost: $67.00

Emotion Code or Body Code Session – 30 mins
Cost $45.00

ThetaHealing/Emotion Code Session – 1 hour
Cost: $67.00

The Reconnection – 2 sessions 45 mins each
Cost: $333.00

Pkg 3 30-min sessions
Cost: $120.00

Pkg 3 60-minute sessions:
Cost: $165.00

Pkg 3 Reconnective Healing sessions
Cost: $145.00

Payment is expected in full before the start of the session.  If you go to the online store, you can pay for your session through Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account.  You can just use your credit card.  Or you  can pay by a check, cash,  or a credit card if the session is in person, or send a check in advance if over the phone or e-mail session.